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To sell and to rent? That is the question.

In this enduringly sluggish property sales environment, more and more vendors are looking to rent their home out, as a short term financial solution, whilst at the same time continuing to try to sell. But what are the pros and cons of this two-pronged approach?

There is no disputing the fact that selling a . . . → Read More: To sell and to rent? That is the question.

BBC Comes to Bingley

Jon Huby, director of Lets Go Professional, Property Management and Lettings covering Bradford and Bingley, has recently launched the Bingley Business Club (BBC), a new Bingley networking event.

As Director of a locally based property management and lettings company, Jon wanted to plug the gap for a network forum in the Bingley area. The . . . → Read More: BBC Comes to Bingley