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A-Z of Lettings J is for You’re “ Joking”...right?

For this Blog we thought we’d take a lighter look at the world of residential Lettings……yes folks there is a lighter side!  Lets Go Professional want to share some of the strange and funny stories we and our colleagues have come across over the years.

Most tales revolve around tenants who think we were “born yesterday” and go to great lengths and imagination to explain as to why they can’t pay their rents, or should have all their bond back despite owing rent!……We hear “but it isn’t my fault….my sisters brothers, aunties uncle was ill and I had to spend the rent on taxis to the hospital Mr Letting agent” or “but my dog never goes upstairs, why do I have to have the carpets cleaned”

We had a situation this winter where the tenant was complaining of mice in his kitchen and demanding we sort it out and a rent free month! Fair enough we thought lets investigate further.

Upon visiting the property we found an outside shed next to the house crammed with black bin bags full of kitchen waste. It was mouse heaven.  When we asked why the bin bags were there the tenant replied I don’t like walking down to the bin when it’s raining.

You’re joking…right?

Snow Joke..!!

Winter seems to bring out the best in tenants. One year after a heavy snow fall we received a call from a tenant asking when we would be coming to clear the snow from her drive as she was going to be late for work. After picking ourselves up off the floor we had to ask “you’re joking right?”

No smoke without fire

Viewings can tell us a lot about prospective tenants and how the tenancy could pan out. Despite a property being advertised as No Smokers prospective tenants still show up reeking of smoker’s breath.   When we point out that the property is for non smokers they reply  “that’s ok I don’t smoke”

Pets! The more the merrier

More recently we were struggling to gain access from some tenants for a periodic inspection. These tenants were only allowed to keep one dog at the premises under the terms of their tenancy. A short time later the tenants handed in their notice. Upon the final check out we discovered that there had been at least three dogs and a bearded dragon…..that’s a reptile not the tenant by the way.

The fastest growing grass ever!

Tenants love a garden too. Except when they have to cut the grass! We visited a property last summer to find the grass approx two feet high. When explained that it was the tenants responsibility to cut the grass we were informed that it was “only cut last week”……’re joking…..right!

We’re pleased to share a few of the lighter moments of Lettings. But it still boils down to the fact that Agents need the tenants and tenants need Agents. As long as we both maintain a good relationship I’m sure we can all look back and laugh at some of the stories.

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