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Standard Home Insurance is not the same as Landlord Insurance. Standard Home Insurance does not generally cover claims made against a Buy to Let property. To avoid a situation whereby a landlord and their property are left vulnerable, Lets Go Professional strongly recommends their landlords to purchase Landlord Insurance.

Many insurance providers offer this insurance, with policies ranging from £100-£250 per annum depending on the type of property as well as the level of risk insured. A standard home insurance will not cover a landlord for situations such as loss of rent, landlord liability or legal expenses incurred if a landlord finds themselves in the undesirable position of having to implement eviction proceedings. However these are all covered by Landlord Insurance.

It is not a legal requirement to be in possession of Landlord Insurance, however some mortgage lenders do stipulate it as a requirement to ensure the property is covered in the event of fire, flooding, subsidence, storm damage etc.

For further information and advice on purchasing Landlord Insurance, please contact Lets Go Professional.

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