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B is for Break Clause

A-Z of Letting Your Investment

B is for Break Clause:

What is it and how it can benefit both parties

A break clause is inserted into a tenancy agreement, most often an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) when the fixed term is more often a year or more.  The break clause will be worded . . . → Read More: B is for Break Clause

A is for Accidental Landlord

A. Is for Accidental Landlords

With the current uncertainty in the house sales market we are seeing more novice Landlords coming onto the market as they struggle to sell their property.  Now is the time when agents must have duty of care in pointing out the risks involved in letting a property and give . . . → Read More: A is for Accidental Landlord

Why are Rental Properties More Prone to Damp & Mould?

Why are Rental Properties More Prone to Damp & Mould?

Damp & mould are common problems in homes but particularly in rental properties. Older properties tend to suffer more than new ones, but even new build rental properties are prone to damp for reasons we’ll discuss.

Smaller patches of damp around a . . . → Read More: Why are Rental Properties More Prone to Damp & Mould?

Ants In Your Pants

It’s that time of year when little critters decide to up sticks and move into your property. Over the last couple of summers we have experienced some strange incidents of Ants invading a couple of our properties and nesting in the most unusual place.

The most bizarre case occurred when our lovely tenants decided . . . → Read More: Ants In Your Pants

Happy To Help A Fellow Agent

Recently we were approached by another Letting Agent who covers a neighbouring town. They were looking for our advice on how to proceed with a particular dilemma.

The agent in question was letting a property and had an application that was complete and satisfactory and the tenants were moving in the following day. However, . . . → Read More: Happy To Help A Fellow Agent

Auto Draft

Standard Home Insurance is not the same as Landlord Insurance. Standard Home Insurance does not generally cover claims made against a Buy to Let property. To avoid a situation whereby a landlord and their property are left vulnerable, Lets Go Professional strongly recommends their landlords to purchase Landlord Insurance. . . . → Read More: Landlord Insurance

New Rules For Agents

New Rules For Agents

As many within the profession will already be aware, new rules concerning letting agent’s fees come into effect on 27th May. Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, it will be necessary to publicise fees and state membership of client protection/redress schemes after this date.

Many landlords see this as a . . . → Read More: New Rules For Agents

Here’s our guide to finding the right tenant

Rental properties are being snapped up quickly, and that’s obviously good news for landlords. But it comes with one rather large risk.

What if you choose the wrong tenant?

A bad tenant can be a real nightmare. They don’t take care of the property; they never pay rent on time; contacting them is impossible; . . . → Read More: Here’s our guide to finding the right tenant

Top tips for first time renters

Moving out of your parents place? Moving out for the first time can be worrying. It’s going to be your first time paying bills and going it alone.

To help calm those nerves we’ve put a few tips for first time renters down to help ensure you get it right.

Safety first – Make . . . → Read More: Top tips for first time renters

Common mistakes new landlords make

A job as a landlord might seem easy on the surface, but if you dig a little deeper, you’ll soon realise there’s more to it than meets the eye. This is why many new landlords make common mistakes. But they’re mistakes you can avoid providing you do the research.

To help, we’ve put together . . . → Read More: Common mistakes new landlords make